Domestic Politics


Inner Unity and Regional Diversity

The unification of the two German states in 1990 prompted expectations of harmonization in political culture and promises of equivalent living conditions. Almost three decades later, the revival of narratives …

Kathrin Loer, Visiting Fellow

AGI is pleased to welcome Kathrin Loer as an NRW Fellow at AGI from October to December 2019. Prior to her research stay at AGI, she was a visiting professor for …

The Economics of AfD Expansion

With the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) achieving almost 25 percent in the elections in the two east German states of Brandenburg and Saxony in September 2019, and both …

The Dehumanization of Immigrants and the Rise of the Extreme Right

The ascendance of the far right has jolted both American and European politics. It has undermined liberal democracy in Hungary and Poland, and threatens it throughout Europe. That ascendance depends …

Politologe zum Mueller-Bericht” „Dieser Kampf ist noch nicht ganz vorbei“

AGI President Emeritus Jack Janes discusses the release of the Mueller Report with Tobias Armbrüster on Deutschlandfunk. From Dlf: US-Präsident Donald Trump sieht sich durch den Bericht von Sonderermittler Robert …

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