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German-American defense and security ties and the NATO alliance are critical to meeting modern threats. Moving past the traditional threats found in earlier years, today’s concerns range from rouge states, to cybersecurity, to terrorism, and more. German-American cooperation is essential.

Combating the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: A Stronger Role for the UN Security Council?

Issue Brief 6 On 29 March 2006 the United Nations Security Council for the first time addressed the issue of Iranian non-compliance with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear …

Reinventing the German Military

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The United States, Russia, and Germany: New Alignment in a Post-Iraq World?

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Uncommon Threats: Germany’s Muslims, Transatlantic Relations and the War on Terror

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Prospects and Limits of Transatlantic Arms Cooperation: The Case of Extended Air Defense (MEADS)

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A New Security Agenda for U.S.-German-Russian Relations: Interim Report

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