At Issue Interview: Christian Schmidt and Gen. Dr. Klaus Naumann

AGI President Jack Janes sat down with Christian Schmidt, President of the German Atlantic Association and Parliamentary State Secretary for the German Ministry of Defense, and Gen. Dr. Klaus Naumann, Vice President of the German Atlantic Association and Senator for the German National Foundation, to discuss the changing parameters of transatlantic relations moving forward as both sides of the Atlantic seek solutions to the current crises confronting them. With the U.S. military presence in Europe rapidly dwindling — marked by the last U.S. tanks pulling out of Germany — can Europe and the U.S. find new areas of cooperation to replace the void created by recent decisions and differences over security policy? Furthermore, can both Europe and the U.S. find solutions to their domestic crises in order to better approach the global issues challenging the future of transatlantic relations?


Further Analysis on the future of transatlantic cooperation:

This recent Atlantic Memo on “Security in the Sahel: Regional Initiatives in Pursuit of Long-Term Stability” is part of the Atlantic Community’s theme “How should the United States and Europe respond to threats to peace and security in the Sahel region of Africa?” Bringing together experts from both sides of the Atlantic, this memo provides crucial policy recommendations for both Germany and the EU as a whole with regard to their stance in the Sahel.

April 10, 2013
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Christian Schmidt

Klaus Naumann