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After the Decision is Before the Decision

Professor Russell Miller is a Professor of Law at Washington & Lee University School of Law, as well as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of German Law Journal. Professor Miller has also co-authored an upcoming …

The Week in Europe

The last week of August has opened with the usual salvo of news about the debt crisis in Europe. Of course, American public opinion will turn its attention towards the …

Waiting on Karlsruhe

As the month of August inexorably ticks away, investors and policymakers are getting ready for a hot September. In the coming weeks, Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with the French …

The End of Angela’s Summer Break

Angela Merkel’s summer break is over. Upon her return to Berlin, the German Chancellor will find an atmosphere that by now is all too familiar — frantic, heated headline-grabbing public discussions about a possible Greek exit, and the likelihood of a full-scale breakup of the euro zone.

Seeking Solutions in Syria

While the media in the U.S. and in Europe spent the last two weeks largely focused on the final Olympic medals count in London, reports on the rising body count …

Slimming Down: The Pivot, Austerity, and the Path Ahead for Transatlantic Security

“If Article 5 beckons, the United States should and will be there.” Barry Pavel and Jeff Lightfoot of the Atlantic Council It goes beyond saying that this statement is one …

6 Grundsätze für Stabilität

This analysis was originally published by Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft. The original text is in German, but an executive summary in English can be found below. Ein Rahmen für die …

Shock Waves from Europe

This recent analysis by Kris Bledowski takes a look at the potential negative effects on the economies of Europe and the United States should a major meltdown – either economic or …

Europe’s Unclear Horizons

Geithner’s visit to the German island of Sylt this week to discuss plans for navigating the euro crisis clearly signals Washington’s growing discomfort with Europe’s economic situation. As AICGS President Jack Janes points out, leaders on both sides of the Atlantic are feeling the pressure to find clearer horizons amidst the turbulent economic forces battering their economies.

Draghi’s Master Plan

The President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi disappointed financial markets on Thursday when he announced that the ECB will wait to restart its bond buying program. However, a closer look at what Draghi said during his press conference should encourage both investors anxious for quick action and skeptics in Germany alike. Draghi has a plan, but he is still resisting the temptation to let politicians off the hook.

Constitutional Review and the German Bailout Controversy

The United States Supreme Court and Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court have recently become the focal point over a series of hotly debated political issues in their respective countries. As they decide on issues that could have far reaching political consequences, Donald Kommers examines the frameworks under which both courts operate.

“Who’s Picking Up This Bill?”

The struggle over sharing the burden of a weak economy in Europe has generated tension not only between countries, but also within them. Germany is no exception – the national debate about subsidies for the Länder is reflective of the larger European debate about fiscal reform.