Our societies are changing on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to demographic change, immigration and integration, and regional differences—among other factors. Greater understanding about our cultures, an open exchange about emerging issues, and fostering dialogue between different groups can help German and American societies build stronger internal and external connections and awareness.

Clashing Worlds and Images: Media and Politics in the United States and Germany

Issue Brief 1 Over the last two years the German-American relationship has been rocked by some of the most tumultuous and emotional conflicts in over five decades—the 2002 German elections …

Networks, Knowledge, and Exchange: Building a New Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

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Shifting Values and Changing Interests: The Future of German-American Relations

German-American Issues 3 During the past two years, there has been an argument across the Atlantic about arguments. Are our recent troubles cyclical or are they harbingers of a deeper …

The Jewish Voice in Transatlantic Relations

German-American Issues 1 German and American societies are anything but monolithic and there is a multitude of voices active in them. The Jewish voice is one of them, yet, given …