Foreign & Security Policy

The AGI Foreign & Security Policy Program addresses German security policy, the foreign policy cooperation between the U.S. and Germany, and the transatlantic defense relationship.

The United States, Russia, and Germany: New Alignment in a Post-Iraq World?

Policy Report 9 Download Publication

EU Enlargement and Transatlantic Relations: Background Analyses

Policy Report 7 Download Publication

The Changing Face of Europe: EU Enlargement and Implications for Transatlantic Relations

Policy Report 6 Download Publication

Uncommon Threats: Germany’s Muslims, Transatlantic Relations and the War on Terror

Policy Report 5 Download Publication

Prospects for the Franco-German Relationship: The Elysee Treaty and After

Policy Report 4 Download Publication

Managing Migration for Economic Growth: Germany and the United States in Comparative Perspective

Policy Report 1 Download Publication

Prospects and Limits of Transatlantic Arms Cooperation: The Case of Extended Air Defense (MEADS)

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A New Security Agenda for U.S.-German-Russian Relations: Interim Report

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