Domestic Policy

A variety of reasons, including demographic change, global migration patterns, economic hardship, and climate change, demand that both Germany and the U.S. craft domestic policies that effectively address their populations’ concerns. This imperative is also seen in the political sphere, as voters make their voices heard in state, federal, and supranational elections.

Strengthening Transatlantic Ties on Digital Topics: Quick transatlantic wins in times of political uncertainty

It is beyond doubt that transatlantic relations are not in their best condition, in particular traditional areas of cooperation such as trade or security and defense. There is no real …

Who Belongs to the “We”? Ideas for a Jamaica Coalition

Scroll down to read the full commentary in German. As something of an exotic combination, a Jamaica coalition (CDU-CSU-FDP-Greens) could have the potential to staunch the chorus of outrage coming …

Exploring Immigration and Integration Initiatives in the United States

AGI Minority Exchange Program The German-American youth exchange program on the theme “Immigration, Integration, and a New Transatlantic Generation” is an innovative program which establishes new connections between communities that …

Why Austria Voted the Way It Did

The election Sunday was a relatively simple one. Voters chose Sebastian Kurz and his People’s Party (ÖVP) and the more right-wing Freedom Party (FPÖ) because they are worried about immigration …

Austria, Europe’s un-Bellwether Nation

For many years, the state of Maine was a reliable indicator of the U.S. political mood. So much so that the phrase “As Maine goes, so goes the nation” gained …

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Sebastian Kurz to be Europe’s youngest leader as Austria swings sharply to the right

Featuring Jack Janes via the Los Angeles Times on October 15, 2017.

Buyer’s Remorse? Germans Unhappy with their Choice but Support a Jamaica Coalition

A first post-election poll published by Forschungsgruppe Wahlen reveals three important findings regarding the German public’s assessment of the choices they made in the Bundestag election. General dissatisfaction with the …

Austria Goes to the Polls

While the recent German election has been getting all the attention, Sunday’s election in Austria is likely to be more scrutinized than normal in this consensus-oriented country. The likely winner …

Out of Four, One? Why Germany’s “Impossible” Coalition Just Might Work

“Everything must change so that everything can stay the same.” So wrote Lampedusa in The Leopard about a Sicilian aristocracy coping with revolutions in nineteenth century Italy. But this phrase …

German Election Results Highlight Old Divides Between East And West

Featuring Jack Janes via NPR on September 26, 2017.

Transatlantic Implications of the 2017 German Federal Election

The results of the German election will have important implications for Europe and the transatlantic relationship. Here is a first take on what this means for transatlantic relations. Chancellor Merkel …

The Heat: German Election

Featuring Jack Janes via CGTN America on September 25, 2017.