Daniel Rasch

FernUniversität Hagen

Daniel Rasch is a researcher in public policy and public administration with a focus on policy areas such as energy, environment, and security. He was an interim professor at the University of Public Administration in Speyer for Empirical Research Methods and is currently employed at the FernUniversität Hagen.

His PhD (2016) focused on framing and lobbying success in the multi-level governance context of the European Union. He published widely on the topic of governance and interest mediation.

His current research focuses on interest mediation in the German federal ministries. He investigates networks and power distribution within policy areas and within the federal administration and uses a vast array of methods, ranging from qualitative and quantitative text analysis, text reuse approaches, to network analysis.

During his time at AGI, he will be comparing German and U.S. climate policies and how they came to be after the Paris Agreement in 2015. Combing a network analysis and interviews, the comparison between Germany and the United States will shed light on
1) networks in climate policies, their characteristics, roles, and effects on decision-making,
2) the power distribution of involved stakeholders and decision-makers, and
3) the advocacy success of stakeholders in three instances of public policy.

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