Defining Dualities: Context, Content and Comparison in German-Israeli Relations in the Framework of Europeanization

German-Israeli relations against the background of Europeanization transpire at multiple levels. This essay begins with the context, and then turns to the content of the link between the German-Israeli relationship …

Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman Speaks at German-Israeli Diplomatic Relations Event in New York City

On June 30, 2015, the German Consulate General, together with Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and the Israeli Consulates General, hosted a conference celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between …

Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman Speaks at German-Israeli Diplomatic Relations Event in Miami Beach

On July 1, 2015,  Action Reconciliation Service For Peace together with the American Jewish Committee, the Consulate General of Israel, and the German Consulate General, hosted a conference marking 50 …

Germany’s Foreign Policy of Reconciliation

Now available in paperback, AGI Society, Culture & Politics Director Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman’s book, “Germany’s Foreign Policy of Reconciliation: From Enmity to Amity,” highlights Germany as a model for …

What’s in a Name? The German-Israeli Partnership: Is it a Special Relationship, a Friendship, an Alliance, or Reconciliation?

As the German and Israeli cabinets assembled in late February in Jerusalem for their fifth set of bilateral consultations since 2008, most of the statements and speeches focused on the …

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The Official German Commitment to Fighting Anti-Semitism

Budapest On May 6, 2013, in a major speech to the World Jewish Congress in Budapest, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle continued an official German tradition. Like German foreign ministers …

An Exercise in External Reconciliation

With the EU accepting its Peace and Reconciliation Nobel Prize, it is worth a look at an example of the EU using its reconciliation experience, specifically  in the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This essay …

What Really Must Be Said

As the dust slowly begins to settle following the uproar created by Günter Grass’s poem on Israel’s military stance towards Iran, Harry & Helen Gray Senior Fellow Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman takes an opportunity to highlight four lessons that relate to a larger context surrounding this affair: the depth, complexity, and fundamental stability of German-Israeli relations.

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