Foreign Policy

Today, Germany stands at the center of Europe and is the most influential member of the European Union. Germany is a key partner of the U.S. in its most important international relationships. There is no other country with which the U.S. shares a stronger mix of interests and values on twenty-first century challenges.

The UN After Sixty: Challenges for the Future

Issue Brief 7 In 2005, at the occasion of the UN’s sixtieth anniversary, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called on world leaders to “recapture the spirit of San Francisco and …

Revitalizing Public Diplomacy: Challenges for Germany and the United States

Issue Brief 5 Public diplomacy has become the new buzzword in foreign policy circles, with the construction of an effective public diplomacy strategy seen as an urgent foreign policy objective …

Changing Parameters in U.S.-German-Turkish Relations

Policy Report 18 The debate over the long-standing Turkish bid for membership in the EU was settled with the December 2004 decision of the European Council to begin accession negotiations …

Franco-German Relations: Leadership in a Changing World

Issue Brief 2 The Franco-German relationship is in a crisis, accused of no longer being capable of providing the impulsion for continued European integration, a function the tandem has successfully …

Reconciling Realities: Reshaping the German-American Relationship for the Twenty-First Century

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The Promise of Partnership: U.S.-EU Coordination in the Middle East

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EU Enlargement and Transatlantic Relations: Background Analyses

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The Changing Face of Europe: EU Enlargement and Implications for Transatlantic Relations

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Prospects for the Franco-German Relationship: The Elysee Treaty and After

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