Maria Alejandra Moscoso Rivadeneira

Salzburg Global Seminar

Maria Alejandra Moscoso is currently a development and program intern for the
Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria. She is a recent Public Policy Fellow with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute where she worked with the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the office of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Ms. Moscoso transferred and earned her B.A. in economics with a concentration in Global South Development Studies at Smith College, after attending the Honors College of Miami-Dade. While working in Washington, DC, Maria volunteered as an English teacher, where she worked with adult immigrants through the Washington English Center and acted as a mentor through the Latinas Leading Tomorrow program.

She was a 2016-2017 participant in AGI’s “Transatlantic Exchange Program for Young Minorities: Giving Voice to Future Leaders,” sponsored by the Transatlantik-Programm der Bundesrepublik Deutschland aus Mitteln des European Recovery Program (ERP) des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi).

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