Mehmet Doğan

University of Leipzig

Mehmet Doğan is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in European Studies at the University of Leipzig. Mr. Doğan’s concentration is on intergovernmental relations, European social and economic policies and the legalese of such policies. Additionally, he studied at École normale supérieure in Paris. Previously, he achieved a degree in Political Science at University of Leipzig and was selected for the exchange program at Sciences Po Paris. Besides his studies, Mr. Doğan, was student representative for Sustainable Mobility and worked as an assistant lecturer in the field of Middle and Eastern Europe and Financialization at the University of Leipzig.

He was a 2016-2017 participant in AGI’s “Transatlantic Exchange Program for Young Minorities: Giving Voice to Future Leaders,” sponsored by the Transatlantik-Programm der Bundesrepublik Deutschland aus Mitteln des European Recovery Program (ERP) des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi).

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