Alexander Thamm

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Alex Thamm is a moderator by passion. He is dedicated to issues of international dialogue, civil society, innovation, and diversity. He was a presenter for a TV show on megatrends for the German television channel ARD Alpha. With Julia Pfinder, he founded They mainly moderate and consult for NGOs, cities, and international government organizations like Engagement Global, the Goethe Institute, and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ). The focus of their work is the international role of cities and civil society on topics like sustainability, sustainable development goals, education, and democracy.

In his previous career, Alex worked in leading management positions for major foundations like the Körber Foundation, German Marshall Fund, Bertelsmann Foundation, and others. He created projects on civil society, advocacy, and international relations. He is dedicated to the idea of community organizing and is an active leader of the Berlin community organizations (DICO). Alex studied political science at the universities of Bath, Bonn, Grenoble, and Munich. He lives in Kreuzberg, Berlin, as well as in Kreuth, Bavaria, and loves the outdoors.

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