Kiana Bussa

Halle Foundation/AGI Intern

Programs: Society, Culture & PoliticsRegions: GermanyCategory: Analysis

Kiana Bussa is a research intern at AGI in summer 2024. Ms. Bussa is an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia where she majors in International Affairs and minors in International Human Rights and Security and Data Analytics for Public Policy. At UGA, Ms. Bussa has conducted independent research with the GLOBIS Human Rights Research Lab and developed policy-related skills in the Security Leadership Program with the Center for International Trade and Security. In her spare time, she debates with the Phi Kappa Literary Society.

Recent Content


Debt Brake Woes

In order to understand the German debt brake (and the debate surrounding it), it is essential to observe that contemporary Germans are deeply averse to debt. Both culturally and politically, …