Jennifer Bihr

University of Heidelberg

Jennifer Bihr is a queer rights activist from Germany focused on political education, empowerment, and community building. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a minor in philosophy from the University of Heidelberg. They have built community structures in their hometown of Heidelberg and expanded them into a politically engaged network nationwide. Jennifer has led social media campaigns, written policy letters, engaged with politicians, and participated in cabinet meetings.

Building bridges between and within generations and communities are Jennifer’s priorities. Jennifer believes social change and equality is only possible if diverse perspectives and needs are respected. To build bridges, Jennifer has worked with different media methods such as movies, books as well as through art workshops, where people from different backgrounds come together through their creativity. Art and media offer Jennifer’s participants not only a mutual foundation for discussions, but also demand participants to be empathetic towards each other and engage in new perspectives. In addition to community engagement, Jennifer is pursuing a Masters in political science from Heidelberg University with a graduation expectation of 2025.

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