Alexander Sängerlaub

futur eins

Alexander Sängerlaub leads the think & do tank futur eins. He has been working on digital public spheres for a long time and prefers to do so holistically. Since 2017, he has been helping to build the “Strengthening Digital Public Spheres” department at the Berlin-based think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, where he led projects on disinformation (“fake news”), fact-checking, and digital news literacy. In 2014, he founded the utopian political magazine Kater Demos – the first German constructive journalism magazine – and was head of editorial & creation. Before that, he was a research assistant at the University of Hamburg and the Free University of Berlin in journalism & communication studies. In addition to politics, science and journalism, he also knows the side as a consultant in the Berlin agency Blumberry from a campaigner and PR point of view.

He is particularly interested in the evolution of our democratic information architectures in the digital age, whether through journalistic innovations such as Constructive Journalism or the question of how we, as a knowledge society, can also harness the full potential of digitization for our publics. He is also regularly active on these topics as a speaker (e.g. Goethe Institutes San Francisco & Seattle, Streitraum, ARD/ZDF Media Academy), host (e.g. EU Commission) or as an expert (e.g. German Bundestag).

He studied journalism, psychology and political communication at the Free University in Berlin and has taught at the University of the Arts, the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and also at the Free University Berlin. His never-written dissertation entitled “Who needs journalists when you can have robots?” on journalism and artificial intelligence was always interrupted by life (including Kater Demos).

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