On Ukraine, Dr. Perthes Emphasizes Self-Sanctions and Common Security

Director of Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik Dr. Volker Perthes provides his insights into the Ukraine crisis, European common security, and cooperation with Russia. Interviewed by AGI Business & Economics Director Alexander Privitera, Dr. Perthes argues that, on the challenge of Ukraine, the Obama administration and EU leaders are much more in sync than media commentators have discussed. New sanctions are unlikely to change behavior. However, Russia’s actions will punish itself through capital markets, foreign direct investment, and trade.

Although the time-line for building a robust European security community, including Russia, has been damaged, the goal of a democratic Russia that participates constructively in common security institutions remains. Western actors’ approach to the Ukraine crisis was too technical, and, in addition to Russia’s failure to initiate constructive dialogue, Europeans also missed the fact that the security dilemma is still important for Russia.


May 6, 2014
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Volker Perthes