Germany’s EU Presidency: Priorities for Europe and the Transatlantic Relationship

This AGI webinar features a discussion with Dr. Emily Haber, German Ambassador to the United States, and AGI President Jeff Rathke.

Germany takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from July 1 through December 31, 2020, at a crucial time for Europe. Foreign Minister Maas recently dubbed this Germany’s “Corona Presidency.” The agenda likely will be dominated by the EU’s extraordinary measures to respond to the economic and public health consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, along with the negotiations of the EU budget for the next seven years. Berlin will also have the task of managing Europe’s approach to China, as Beijing’s policies come under increasing criticism in Europe. Policies toward Russia, Africa, and the Middle East will also require Europe’s attention, and Germany’s presidency will coincide with the end of the UK’s scheduled transition period, the final conclusion of Brexit. Listen to our discussion with German Ambassador to the U.S. Emily Haber on the EU presidency and what it means for Europe and the transatlantic relationship.