Europe’s Path Forward and Priorities in Ukraine with Ralf Fücks

In two interviews, President of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Ralf Fücks talks with AGI Business & Economics Director Alexander Privitera about the future of Europe under the new European Parliament and the crisis in Ukraine.

Video 1: Europe’s Political Path Forward with Ralf Fücks

Sending a dubious—but effective—message that Europe is a loser in globalization and that change should be feared, right wing populists are gaining in influence. Meanwhile, mainstream parties have instilled a compelling counter-narrative. The future of EU integration, federalist or otherwise, is not clear, and, as Fücks argues, renewable energies offer “a window of opportunity to define the future of industrial society.”


Video 2: Varying European Priorities in Ukraine with Ralf Fücks

As with much of foreign policy, European member states vary greatly in their priorities in the Ukrainian crisis. But, one thing is known: Europe failed to empathize with Ukrainian protesters—missing a rare opportunity to promote Western, democratic values. Now, the EU must not only draw clear lines for Russia on Eastern Europe’s independence, but also carefully consider cooperation with and dependency on Russia, especially in the energy sector.


May 29, 2014
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Ralf Fücks