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And the Winner Is… The German Election of 2005

German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s announcement on May 22, 2005 of early national parliamentary elections took many Europeans by surprise…

The Media, Perceptions, and Policy in German-American Relations

Policy Report 20 Differences over the Iraq war led to unprecedented levels of tension in the German-American and transatlantic relationships. The intensity of the division was reflected in the news …

Financial Regulations in the U.S. and Germany-From National Autarky to International Cooperation?

Policy Report 19 Financial services play a vital role in the transatlantic economy, serving as a major employer, factor of production, and a provider of services. Changes in financial services …

Changing Parameters in U.S.-German-Turkish Relations

Policy Report 18 The debate over the long-standing Turkish bid for membership in the EU was settled with the December 2004 decision of the European Council to begin accession negotiations …

Networks, Knowledge, and Exchange: Building a New Generation of Transatlantic Leaders

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Reconciling Realities: Reshaping the German-American Relationship for the Twenty-First Century

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Breaking Down Barriers to Trade and Investment: The U.S.-Germany Income Tax Treaty Revisited

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Corporate Governance in Germany and the United States: Key Challenges for the Transatlantic Business Community

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Product Standards in Transatlantic Trade and Investment: Domestic and International Practices and Institutions

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Reviving the German Economy: A Domestic Imperative and a Windfall Gain for the Transatlantic Partnership

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Reinventing the German Military

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The Promise of Partnership: U.S.-EU Coordination in the Middle East

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