Soufeina Hamed

University of Osnabrück

Soufeina Hamed is a graduate of the Masters of Science in Intercultural Business and Social Psychology program at the University of Osnabrueck. She currently is project manager at LEAD | Mercator Capacity Building Center for Leadership and Advocacy. She has collaborated with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. KG, Exzellenzcluster Cognitive Interaction Technology, and Zahnräder Netzwork e.V. She has also worked in the realm of leadership, having volunteered for a network inclusion leadership program and as an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow in the United Kingdom.

She was a 2015-2016 participant in AGI’s “Transatlantic Exchange Program for Young Minorities,” sponsored by the Transatlantic Program of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through Funds of the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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