Katharina Kiefel

Amerika Haus North Rhine-Westphalia

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Ever since her time in Atlanta, GA (2009-2011), Katharina Kiefel has been dedicated to fostering and promoting transatlantic relations both personally and professionally. Her first such endeavor was through her Master’s degree in North American Studies, with focuses in International Relations and Economics, from the Friedrich-Wilhelm University of Bonn. Ms. Kiefel then became Program Manager of Amerika Haus North Rhine-Westphalia in Cologne, which was formerly part of the U.S. Mission to Germany’s Public Affairs section. Today, Amerika Haus North Rhine-Westphalia is an independent, not-for-profit organization with 50+ transatlantic events and projects annually, exploring the intersection of politics, culture, business, and education.
Ms. Kiefel is part of the Aspen Institute Next Generation Network on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and she is Co-Founder of the Transatlantic Female Forum. Before her professional engagement, she volunteered extensively in a transatlantic context, e. g., working with an organization of students and Prof. Dr. Sielke, Chair of North American Studies, a transatlantic conference.

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