Emily Lent

Emily Lent is a Fall 2021 semester intern at AGI. She writes weekly media reports and briefings on immigration and defense, conducts background research for AGI fellows and staff, and manages the databases.

Emily is a junior at the University of Georgia and is double-majoring in International Relations and Economics. She is especially interested in language and culture and is minoring in German and Portuguese. At the University of Georgia she is involved with the on-campus German Program, the Portuguese Flagship Program, and various business and policy organizations. She is an alumna of the 2017-2018 Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship Program and continues to be active in her alumni network. During Summer 2021, Emily attended the Portuguese Language School at Middlebury University.

Emily is interested in researching how politics influence social issues and economic development. She looks forward to increasing her understanding of transatlantic politics. Next year Emily plans on studying and working in Brazil as a Boren Scholar focusing on sustainable economic development.

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