Achim Doerfer

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Dr. Achim Doerfer is an attorney in business and tax law and a writer in Germany. He studied law and philosophy at Göttingen and Freiburg universities and completed his doctoral dissertation on the U.S. legal philosopher Lon L. Fuller in 2006. In the 1993 fall semester, he held a position as visiting research scholar at Cornell Law School. He has been active in German politics for three decades with an emphasis on intercultural and interreligious matters and tax justice, where he also did advisory work for a number of members of the European Parliament. He serves as deputy chairman at his local Jewish congregation as well as on the state level (Lower Saxony). He appeared on numerous occasions on national TV and radio and is regularly publishing in national newspapers. He lectured on applied legal philosophy at Hamburg University, Germany. In 2014, he published a book on tax justice (Die Steuervermeider, “The Tax Avoiders”), which the leading German daily business newspaper Handelsblatt denoted as “the standard work on the subject.” His latest book on Jewish resistance and revenge as well as on German remembrance culture (Irgendjemand musste die Täter ja bestrafen, “Someone Had to Punish the Perpetrators”) appeared in 2021.

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