Reforming the World Trade Organization: Can the United States and the European Union Find Common Ground?

The U.S. and the EU appear to be growing closer on both their understanding of where the WTO is falling short and what to do about it. This session of the AGI-KAS Transatlantic Trade Week examines how to modernize the WTO’s negotiating, monitoring, and dispute resolution functions, with a particular focus on where there is a need for new rules and how to shape them within a multilateral trading system that has become more diverse and disorderly. An important focus of this session is the role of plurilateral agreements in areas like subsidies and state-owned enterprises as a stepping-stone to WTO reform.


Dr. Sabine Weyand, Director-General for Trade, European Commission
Amb. Rufus Yerxa, President, National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC)
Prof. Gabriel Felbermayr, President, Kiel Institute for the Global Economy


Peter Rashish, Senior Fellow and Director of Geoeconomics Program, AGI

The AGI-KAS Transatlantic Trade Week is generously supported by The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS).

June 30, 2021

Building a Smarter German-American Partnership