EU and USA: How to Build a Positive Agenda

In this webinar Tom Duesterberg, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, and Stormy Mildner, Head of External Economic Policy, Federation of German Industries, discuss BusinessEurope’s new report with Luisa Santos, Deputy Director-General at BusinessEurope, moderated by AGI Senior Fellow and Geoeconomics Program Director Peter Rashish.

BusinessEurope’s new position paper, EU and USA: How to Build a Positive Agenda, presents the views of its national member organizations across 35 European countries for unlocking the transatlantic relationship to enhance trade and economic cooperation.

Among the priority areas for the U.S. and the EU it identifies are the creation of a high-level strategic dialogue, a new approach for a potential U.S.-EU free trade agreement, joint rule-making on subsidies and state-owned enterprises, as well as opportunities for regulatory cooperation on advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.

September 24, 2020

Building a Smarter German-American Partnership