Issue Briefs


European Energy Strategies After the Petroleum Age

Issue Brief 4 Securing the supply of energy is one of mankind’s basic needs. The exploitation of fossil fuels, (coal, petroleum, and more recently natural gas), has been one of …

European Growth Troubles: Divergences and Challenges in a Global Economy

Issue Brief 3 Disappointment with economic performance and slow growth was one important element behind the rejection of the EU constitution in France and in the Netherlands this spring. It …

Franco-German Relations: Leadership in a Changing World

Issue Brief 2 The Franco-German relationship is in a crisis, accused of no longer being capable of providing the impulsion for continued European integration, a function the tandem has successfully …

Clashing Worlds and Images: Media and Politics in the United States and Germany

Issue Brief 1 Over the last two years the German-American relationship has been rocked by some of the most tumultuous and emotional conflicts in over five decades—the 2002 German elections …

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