Seycan Yildirim

Free University Berlin

Seycan Yildirim currently studies law at the Free University Berlin, pursuing the state examination. Besides her studies she works in the German parliament as a student assistant. She has been engaged in politics since 2009 and has been a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany since 2012. Seycan has held many positions within the SPD. She began as a chairperson of the Young Socialists and is now a representative in the city hall of a Berlin district. She supports the Management Board of another Berlin department of the Social Democratic Party. She was one of the cofounders of the Alevis Student Association, with the aim of helping young high school graduates find the right career path.

She is a 2017-2018 participant in AGI’s “Transatlantic Exchange Program for Young Minorities,” sponsored by the Transatlantic Program of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through Funds of the European Recovery Program (ERP) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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