Sabine Horlitz

Ms. Sabine Horlitz was a DAAD/AGI fellow 2012. Her research compares U.S. and German housing politics with a focus on their role in the recent financial and real estate crisis. Starting from the working assumption that neither the market nor the state are able or willing to provide decent housing for all, she seeks to compile and propose for discussion currently existing alternative models for the provision of housing and will focus particularly on the capabilities of not-for-profit ownership models that allow the respective products to be taken out of the realm of the speculative market.

Trained as an architect, Ms. Horlitz has been a doctoral fellow at the Center for Metropolitan Studies in Berlin researching the politics of U.S. public housing and especially the case of the St. Louis Pruitt-Igoe public housing project and its instrumentalization within the 1970s urban crisis. Since 2002, Sabine Horlitz has been a co-founder and co-editor of the Berlin-based architectural journal An Architektur, which focuses on the political dimension of architectural, planning, and urban issues. She has participated in various international conferences, research projects, and exhibitions. Her research interests include critical urban theory, the political economy of the city, housing issues, and the investigation of the possibilities and conditions of alternative models within the housing sector.

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Housing Beyond Profit: A Comparison of U.S. and German Alternative Ownership Models

In recent years the shortcomings of both the market and of the state in providing decent housing for everyone has become particularly apparent. On the one hand housing, until recently …