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Mirko Hohmann is a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs, focusing on the intersection of technology policy and global security. He also is a non-resident fellow with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), a think tank based in Berlin, where he previously helped establish and led the institute’s work on data and technology politics. Mr. Hohmann was an adjunct faculty member at the Hertie School of Governance and a visiting fellow at the German Marshall Fund and AGI in March 2018. Before joining GPPi in 2014, he interned with the institute as well as with the German Bundestag and the Boston Consulting Group. His commentary has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Politico Europe, Handelsblatt, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and Lawfare, among others. Mr. Hohmann holds a master’s degree in public policy from the Hertie School of Governance and a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from the University of St. Gallen; he studied abroad in Austin and Dunedin.

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