Ivo Plšek

Ivo Plšek was a Reconciliation Fellow in 2016. His research falls into the field of memory and reconciliation studies. He is interested in how nation-states deal with negative national histories and what factors influence this policy area most. Specifically, he compares Japanese and German political elites and their approach to World War II after 1945. He examines how pre-war experiences and political alliances influenced their behavior and what role post-war foreign pressure and domestic politics played in their decision-making process.

As a Harry & Helen Gray/AGI Reconciliation Fellow, he will continue with this research, focusing on the divisions that existed over reconciliation policies within the German Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Mr. Plšek holds degrees from universities in Europe, Asia and the United States and speaks English, Japanese, German, and Czech.

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