Gisela Dachs

Hebrew University

Gisela Dachs is an international journalist and professor of communication at the European Forum and the Center for German Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has written several books about Israel and the Middle East and also edited the compendium “Country report Israel” published 2016 (in German) by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Bonn.

Recent Content


Episode 94: The German-Israeli Relationship Following the October 7 Terror Attacks

On October 7, Hamas terrorists carried out a surprise attack that killed 1,400 people—the deadliest day in Israel’s history. Over 200 people remain hostages. One of the first foreign leaders …

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Israeli-German relations have come a long way. On its 75th birthday on April 26, 2023, the State of Israel plans to host the chief pilot of the Luftwaffe in the …