Galina Kolev

German Economic Institute

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Galina Kolev was an American-German Situation Room Fellow in July 2018.

Galina Kolev is senior economist and head of research group Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast at the German Economic Institute (IW) in Cologne, Germany. She hold a PhD (German Dr. rer. Pol.) in Economics from the University of Mannheim with focus on issues regarding the European economic and monetary integration. Her current research covers a broad range of topics from the field of international economics, especially International Macroeconomics and Trade Policy. She is lecturer at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, where she teaches Macroeconomics and International Economic Affairs.

During her time in Washington, Galina Kolev will focus her research on the development of bilateral trade relations between the U.S. and the EU with focus on the U.S.-German trade. It is of particular interest to investigate the reasons for the trade deficit of the U.S. vis-à-vis Germany as a conflict point motivating recent U.S. trade policy measures. Furthermore, the research is intended to extend the view to the field of trade in services as an important component of the current account.

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