The Biden Administration Internationalizes its Trade Policy

In the last month, both at home and abroad, the Biden administration has stepped up its engagement on the potentially game-changing yet currently languishing role of trade policy in advancing …

AGI Profiles: Dr. Wolf Heinrich Reuter

State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance Dr. Wolf Heinrich Reuter has served as the State Secretary at the Minister of Finance (Staatssekretär im Bundesministerium der Finanzen) since January 1, …

Small Carrots, Hypothetical Sticks, and Phantom Hopes

Scholz’s Visit to China Showcases Parallel Practice to Germany’s China Strategy Nine months after the release of Germany’s first China Strategy, Chancellor Olaf Scholz returned to China at the head …

The American-German relationship is crucial not only to the future of both countries, but also to the world as it strives to foster peace and prosperity.

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Social Divisions and Questions of Identity in Germany and the United States (2022-2023)

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Far-Right Violence and World Community

An Evolving Threat in a Changing World What the life and work of German-American Christian ethicist Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971) tells us about an old problem in a new context. Far-right …

Climate Policies in Germany and the United States

Lobbying through Networks? At the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) at the end of November 2023, big questions arose about how the states performed after the Paris Agreement (COP …

Transatlantic Cooperation vs. Tech Nationalism

Values and Standards in the New Systemic Competition It is widely accepted that the ability to set technological standards is a prerequisite for an economy’s success on the world markets; …