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AGI Partners with Transatlantic Organizations for “Road to Election” Series

Building a Smarter German-American Partnership

The 2024 U.S. election will significantly shape the transatlantic political environment and policy landscape. The results of this monumental election will have serious implications for the future of not only the United States but also for the transatlantic relationship. Transatlantic organizations play an integral role in convening thought leaders, bringing a transatlantic perspective to U.S. and European domestic policy discussions, and influencing public discourse on both sides of the Atlantic. This will be particularly important in 2024, which is why the American-German Institute is pleased to partner with over twenty-five other transatlantic organizations and political foundations on the “Road to Election 2024” virtual event series.

Running from January 2024 to January 2025, the digital event series will host in-depth discussions and foster a vibrant exchange of ideas in the lead-up to the pivotal 2024 U.S. election. The aim of the series is multifold: to inform, to engage in dynamic dialogues, and to champion democratic values by presenting diverse perspectives. The initiative’s events will feature prominent researchers, policymakers, commentators, and civil society representatives, exploring diverse formats and a wide array of topics. From public polling and media impact to electoral demographics, the future of U.S. democracy, and pressing policy issues like trade and immigration, the “Road to Election” series aims to offer comprehensive insights for audiences in both the United States and Germany.

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