Europe Needs a New Narrative

John Kornblum

AGI Trustee

John Kornblum is a senior counselor at the international law firm Noerr LLP and a former U.S. ambassador to Germany. He is a member of the AGI Board of Trustees.

In this recent interview, former U.S. ambassador to Germany and AGI Trustee John Kornblum suggests that the West needs to change its narrative on the crisis in Ukraine and the hostility from Russia. The democratic Western countries have to stand united and show their collective resolve and confidence through institutions such as NATO, the EU, and the OSCE, and facilitate the spread of democracy by using new technologies. Ambassador Kornblum also expresses his confidence in the European Union institutions and praises Germany’s role as a leader and interlocutor in dealing with Russia.

The original interview appeared in New Eastern Europe on July 21, 2015. Read the interview here.

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