A Modern-day Massacre


Building a Smarter German-American Partnership

The 1990s saw the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the end of World War II when war erupted on the Balkan Peninsula. The war’s legacy continues to be a major and contested topic throughout the Balkans. The commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre is displayed here through speeches and photos. The issue of contestation over war memorials in other parts of the Balkans can be found in additional articles below, which include photos.

Remembering Srebrenica

Srebrenica Massacre, After 20 Years, Still Casts a Long Shadow in BosniaSerbian president apologizes for Srebrenica ‘crime’
Bosnian response to Serb Prime Minister

International Statements on the 20th Anniversary of Srebrenica

Bill Clinton

Joachim Gauck

Jean-Claude Juncker

From the White House

Issues of Commemoration and Remembrance in Other Parts of the Balkans

War Memorials in The Balkans: Remembrance of The Recent Past

Serbs And Albanians Clash over Memorial

Serbia Split Over ‘Liberation War’ Memorials

Deconstructing Monuments, Rebuilding Memory

Ethnic Divisions Set in Stone

Balkans Gripped by Chaotic Monument-Building Boom (Available behind a paywall)

Killing Bosnia’s Ghosts: Fighting to Remember the Balkan War Genocide

Interview: A Different Kind of Remembrance

Working Group Four Faces Of Omarska (WGFFO)

Sarajevo Memorial for Children Killed During Siege (Available behind a paywall)

Nationalist Commemorations Threaten Balkan Reconciliation (Available behind a paywall)

Our Hero, Your Killer: A Sarajevo Story

Bosniaks Commemorate Omarska Prison Camp Victims

Croats Chant Anti-Serb Slogans at Nationalist Concert

Croatia Celebrates Operation Storm Anniversary; Serbia Mourns

Operation Storm Anniversary Shows Bosnia’s Ethnic Divisions

Croatia Marks 1995 Victory with Military Parade

Youth Memories

Potential “Normalization”?

Serbia-Bosnia Relations

Serb President Cancels Bosnia Trip Amid Row Over Commander’s Arrest

Serbian PM Hosts Bosnian Leaders, Cools Tempers After Mob Attack

Serbia-Kosovo Relations

Serbia And Kosovo Reach Landmark Deal

Text Of Leaked Copy Of Serbia-Kosovo Recognition Deal

Kosovo agrees to war crimes tribunal

Serbia and Kosovo Resume Talks After 10-Month Gap (Available behind a paywall)