Restoring Transatlantic Trust

Wolfgang Ischinger

AICGS Trustee

Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger is Chairman of the Munich Security Conference and a member of the AICGS Board of Trustees.

Trust is above all other elements in international diplomacy, and the host of leaked U.S. electronic surveillance programs have sunk German-American relations lower than during the crisis over the Iraq war in 2003. In his recent New York Times opinion, Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger points to “bad management and hubris” as this crisis’ driving problem. An AGI Trustee, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, and former German Ambassador to the United States, Amb. Ischinger also emphasizes that the United States is not the only actor that must be careful not to further sacrifice the transatlantic partnership. In addition to an effort on the American side to apologize for and roll back its practices, Europeans must not jeopardize negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

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