Exploiting Obama’s Foreign Policy Retreat

Josef Joffe

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Josef Joffe is Professor of the Practice of International Affairs and Senior Fellow of the Kissinger Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Publisher of Die Zeit, and author of numerous books on global affairs. He is also a former AICGS trustee.

In his recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece (paywall), AGI Trustee Dr. Josef Joffe highlights recent developments in international security to argue that American foreign policy has suffered greatly under President Barack Obama. Leading a substantive tour of these blunders from Russia’s tactful acquisition of Edward Snowden’s remaining secrets to concessions on drone strikes in Pakistan, the “reset” with Russia on European missile defense, and beyond, Dr. Joffe characterizes America as “turning into a huge medium-power, like an XXL France,” but he ultimately reminds us that it is crucial for everyone, including the president, to acknowledge that “America remains one of indispensable nations in world affairs.”

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