Polls, Parties, Politics: Elections 2017

The last two years have seen profound shifts happen in the United States and Europe. The Brexit vote began the unprecedented process of a country leaving the European Union. Donald Trump’s election in November has ushered in an era of uncertainty in the transatlantic relationship. Recent votes in the Netherlands and France have resulted in far-right parties being held off from gaining power even as their voices grow louder. And in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is seeking her fourth term not only to lead that country—but, some might argue, to lead Europe. Other elections in 2017—from the UK to Austria—could have implications beyond their own borders.

Project Description

AGI is covering the elections happening across Europe, monitoring public opinion, analyzing the forces behind the polls and results, and discussing what the outcomes mean for the future of the European Union and for German-American relations. AGI President Jackson Janes and other experts offer their takes on this critical time for the transatlantic world.

AGI provides knowledge, insights, and networks as tools to solve the challenges ahead.

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