March 28, 2019

The United States, Germany, Canada, and Mexico in the Global Economy

The new “U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement” (USMCA) signed on October 1 presents a number of important indications about the future direction of Trump administration trade policy. This joint post-NAFTA, German-North American conference engaged in an early and in-depth exploration of how the USMCA policy and business environment will impact these four closely interlinked economies in North America and Europe. The conference focused on how U.S. trade policy has changed, the USMCA as a model for future free trade agreements, and the impact of the USMCA on North America and the European Union in the global economy.

  • 10:30 am
    Registration and Coffee
  • 10:45 am
    Jeff Rathke, President, AICGS
    Paul Linnarz, Director, KAS Office USA
  • 11:00 am
    Session One “How U.S. trade policy has changed under President Donald Trump – Perceptions from abroad and at home”
    Bill Reinsch, Scholl Chair in International Business, Center for Strategic and International Studies
    Tomas Baert, Head of the Trade and Agriculture Section, Delegation of the European Union
    Dan Ciuriak, Senior Fellow, Center for International Governance Innovation
    Stormy-Annika Mildner, Head of Department, External Economic Policy, Federation of German Industries
    Moderator: Tom Duesterberg, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
  • 12:30 pm
    Luncheon Discussion: “The Outlook for U.S. Trade Policy in North America, Europe and Beyond”
    Keynote Speaker: Earl Anthony (Tony) Wayne, Public Policy Fellow, Wilson Center and former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
  • 10:45am – 12:00pm
    Session Two “USMCA: a model for future free trade agreements?”
    Angela Ellard, Minority Chief Trade Counsel, Ways and Means Committee, U.S. House of Representatives
    Laura von Daniels, Deputy Head of Research, Americas Division, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
    Cesar Parga, Chief of Section, Competitiveness, Innovation & Technology, Organization of American States
    Colin Robertson, Vice President and Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute
    Guillermo Malpica, Head of the Trade and NAFTA Office, Embassy of Mexico
    Moderator: Aaron Shull, Managing Director & General Counsel, Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • 3:30 pm
    Coffee Break
  • 3:45 pm
    Session Three “Impact of the USMCA on North America and the European Union in the global economy”
    Jake Colvin, Vice President, National Foreign Trade Council
    Claudia Schmucker, Head of Program, Globalization and World Economy, German Council on Foreign Relations
    Antonio Ortiz Mena, Senior Vice President, Albright Stonebridge
    Sarah Goldfeder, Principal, Earnscliffe Strategy
    Moderator: Peter Rashish, Director, Geoeconomics Program, AICGS
  • 5:15 pm
    Concluding Remarks


The Cosmos Club

2121 Massachusetts Avenue NW | Washington, DC

The Cosmos Club
2121 Massachusetts Avenue NW | Washington, DC