35th Anniversary Dinner

June 11, 2018

AGI celebrated its 35th anniversary in Berlin on June 11, 2018, with a dinner at Käfer Restaurant in the Deutscher Bundestag. The dinner followed our Annual Symposium on “The Imprint of Trumpism: Exploring Conservative America.” We were joined by an extraordinary panel of speakers. Symposium details can be found on our website.

Since its founding in 1983, AGI has focused on the most pressing issues at stake for Germany and the United States. What began as a mission to shed light on a divided Germany in the 1980s became an effort to understand a united Germany in a uniting Europe in the 1990s. We examined the impact of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the challenges in German reunification. We tracked the expansion of NATO, the widening of the European Union, and the establishment of the euro. We assessed the long-term impact of 9/11 and the conflict over Iraq. And we analyzed the repercussions of the global recession and the refugee crisis of the last decade.

AGI is focused on building a smarter partnership to address today’s challenges in the global arena. We have helped policymakers, corporate leaders, and opinion shapers to understand and adapt to major shifts in German-American relations. We’ve had the privilege of hosting over 300 research fellows and published nearly 1,000 research reports and articles. We’ve welcomed policymakers, diplomats, and corporate leaders to our fora. And we’ve had the honor of welcoming every German chancellor since Helmut Schmidt to an AGI event.

At AGI, we believe the German-American relationship is defined as leadership in partnership. At this most challenging time in the global arena, that partnership cannot be taken for granted.  As the 70th anniversary of the Federal Republic approaches in 2019, AGI is proud of our contributions to the dialogue and look forward to continuing to inform and enhance it in the future.

Photos from the event:

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