A Summer of Anxious Anticipation in the Euro Zone

Jacob Kirkegaard

Jacob Kirkegaard

Peterson Institute for International Economics and German Marshall Fund

Jacob Kirkegaard is a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and German Marshall Fund.

Frequent contributor and participant at AGI, Dr. Jacob Kirkegaard recently detailed his analysis of summer developments in the euro zone crisis. Connecting developments as diverse as German politicians’ pre- and post-elections intentions and strategic positioning within Mediterranean states’ coalitions, this post contextualizes the summer break in the intensity of the euro zone debt crisis, but reminds us that this lull is deceptive. Governments across the Mediterranean are gearing up to negotiate with the Troika and their populaces alike.

Read the full article, posted at the Peterson Institute of International Economic, where he is a Senior Fellow, Blog RealTime Economic Issues Watch:

“European Poltics: Beached or Heading to the Beaches?” by Dr. Jacob Kirkegaard


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